Rocca A Mare 5* Hotel










Rocca A Mare | 5* Hotel

The concrete skeleton of this building was existing once our practice started working on this city hotel, in Herakleion-Crete. This is a six-storey city hotel with a total of 35 rooms. The plan is a Π shape, formed by two main volumes. The north elevation overlooks the Cretan Sea where all rooms have unobstructed sea views. Centrally of the Π the visitor finds the entrance and communal areas. On the other smaller side of the Π are more rooms overlooking the side street.
The lobby is an impressive two strorey height space with sitting lounge, waiting area, the reception and bar. On the mezzanine the kitchen and restaurant were designed.

On the roof top there is an outdoor bar, a lap pool of approximately 18 meters long, loungers with amazing and panoramic city as well as sea views, it is a perfect area for all seasons, protected from the winter sea breeze and enjoyable in summertime with the fresh breeze. On this level there is also a suite with private lift, if required.
There is a spa, a gym and a meeting room with all necessary auxiliary spaces on level -1. On level -2 there is a car park and back of house functions.

All of the ground floor outdoor space will be very vividly planted in order to blend in with its surroundings on the beach front. A large pergola provides sunshade but also creating welcoming outdoor seating only a few meters away from the sea front.
Contemporary architectural elements and finishes have been used, combining local culture, city history and the past. The main waterfront elevation has vertical sliding shading panels enabling an ever-changing façade for this building. The side street elevation will have a metallic second skin cladding, whose design has been based on patterns from ancient Crete. All selected paints and colours have been chosen to follow the earthy pallet of the past and natural locality.

5* City Hotel | Herakleion Crete | 35 rooms – 64 beds | Completion Year: 2023