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Eagles Villas (Ouranoupoli, Chalkidiki)


Eagles Villas is located just above the historical Eagles Palace Hotel, together they form a large complex of a main hotel and independent villas. It is only 4km away from Mount Athos, at the village of Ouranoupoli.
The inclined site is 54.632 m2 with amazing sea views and houses 42 private villas with pools and outdoor space. The two complexes are separated by a main road artery, and access from the existing hotel (below the road) to the villas (upper side of road) is achieved by an aerial foot-bridge, and of course via the road itself with direct entrance.

There is a main building with all communal functions and groups of villas throughout the site.
The visitor arrives at the higher point of the site where the main building and reception is. From then onwards they are transferred via golf cars and/or foot-paths to their villa. The whole site has been planted with local vegetation creating a serene sense in nature, enhancing the locality of the flora. Golf cars can transfer the visitor from their villa down to the sea level.

There are four types of villas, all arranged amphitheatrically and in a variety of orientations, with great sea views for all creating and respecting private space. There is outdoor space and a pool for each villa. A large part of the buildings has been covered with soil and is planted, making it easy to blend in with the natural environment.

Upon entering each villa the visitor has always “framed” sea views, it is an element of euphoria and it is the focus of every area, even in the shower. All materials and colours were carefully selected to blend with the natural environment. Earthly coulored render and stone match nature and do not disturb the eye.

The main building offers undisrupted and panoramic sea views. The entrance is via a large 10 by 10 meters well lit space and approximately 9 meters high. The pitched timber roof is designed in such a way that almost looks as if it floats. Adjacent there is a double height, oblong 25 by 11 meters building that houses the living room, bar and restaurant. It is an open plan design with pitched roof, all clad internally in timber creating a beautiful feel.

The elevation of this space has borrowed elements from the local architecture of the loggia. There is a second external timber skin for the building that adds rhythm to it and volume. Going one level below there is a gym, massage rooms, internal swimming pool, jacuzzi all with sea views. The outdoor area has the main swimming pool with loungers etc and further away a kid’s play area. The total area of this main building is approximately 2000 square meters.
There is an open-air theatre for approximately 60 audience and an independent tavern. There are also two tennis courts, a 5 by 5 court, and a helipad.
The project was completed in 2017 in collaboration with 3SK Stylianidis Architects.

5* Resort Hotel | Halkidiki | 42 villas – 142 beds | Completion Year: 2017